On-demand loyalty rewarding campaigns for almost anything with open API.



If you are a business owner, then Juengo is ideal for you. With Juengo you can:
  1. Reward your clients, members or fans with juengos for specific interactions you assign (Communities).
  2. Promote and sell your products/services on Juengo Market in exchange of juengos (Merchants).

Why using Juengo to reward my clients/members/fans?

Just like StarAlliance miles or American Express points, juengos are points which are used to increase loyalty. Juengo has an open market which accepts juengos and provide your clients/members/fans the ability to select their reward according to the points they collected.

Juengo offers you the tools and API to desing and monitor your rewarding campaigns whether these are online or offline. Throught the unique platform Juengo for Communities, you can design campaigns, monitor their status and gather information for the users who participate in your campaigns.

Why promoting and selling my products/services through Juengo Market?

Juengo is an open, growing community. Through Juengo you can promote your company and products/services, reach more clients and increase your sales. Juengo will pay you for all sales you make through the system.

Juengo gives you the tools to create/modify coupons for your products/services, to validate your coupons and provide fraud protection, to instantly monitor your sales. Through the unique platform Juengo for Merchants, you can create coupons, monitor your sales and gather information for the users who buy your coupons.

How it works?

  1. Register to Juengo for Communities
  2. Buy juengos
  3. Design my own rewarding campaign based and boost loyalty

How it works?

  1. Register to Juengo for Merchants
  2. Create coupons for my products/services and boost promotion and sales

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